News from the Frontline!

You might’ve noticed a lack of updates and progress in the last week.

Well, I took a week off from almost all hobby, mainly to enjoy Quebec’s quite large music festival ( http://www.infofestival.com/Program/Schedule/#!programmation=grid2$venues ).  I don’t post much about my “real” life here, but I wanted you all to know that I’ll be back and kicking next week!

Hit the jump for a list of the upcoming projects!

In no order whatsoever, as I’ll just work on whatever I feel like comes monday:

– Ogre Bloodbowl Team ( Steelers like scheme )
– Magnetized Wraithknight ( Sian-Ham Colors )
– Tamurakhan Toad Dragon
– Roboute Gulliman
– The Blue Scribes ( Which probably won’t be blue )
– Lictorshame army ( I need that to play in the Nova Open… )

Also, I want to paint an Age of Sigmar set, because I really like those models, so I’ll try to squeeze that in.

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