NOVA in pictures!

Better late than never as they say, here are a few pictures from NOVA Open!

Invitational Round one.  Brad on the left, yours truly to the right.  A still sober Nick Nanavati battling it out with Jared in the background.  Hit the jump for all the pictures and all the glory!

 The mighty Jack

Looking all professional and stuff.

 Jared, Chromed and ready to be witnessed.

2 of the most interesting times in the GT.  Top is Aaron Aelong and Nick Nanavati in the finals with 5 judges trying to figure out a tricky Hit and Run.  Bottom is Sascha Edelkraut quite pleased with himself when tank shocking Nick’s Plague Drones star- and 4 more judges.

 Eric’s army on display

 Round 2 of the invitational.  Still unaware of the beating Aaron’s going to lay on me.

 Both Jack and Eric played against the nice gentleman on the right.  Both agreed he was their best opponent of the weekend.  Bully to you!

Some pictures of the charity army, featuring the bikes I painted.

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