Bunch of letters as a tittle, Johnny Canhuck over is has lost it…

No no, I assure you, it’s really something.  The Nova Open Charitable Foundation. Read on for glory.

The NOCF raises money for charity, as the name suggests, and is doing a damn good job at it.

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc.(NOCF), established in January 2013, was created to assist the tabletop wargaming community in raising funds for charitable causes. Miniature painters and artists have long been involved in producing miniature armies as a form of fundraising. Recognizing the immense generosity of the worldwide tabletop wargamers, the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation was formed to bring this “Compassionate Force” together under a single banner with a broad outreach to support charities which address the needs of humanitarian emergency relief, children’s causes, the military and medical research.

The international “Compassionate Force” was evident as, in just under four months, the three 2013 Inaugural armies went on to raise over $10,000 for their respective charities.

TL;DR: Every year, painters from everywhere join forces and paint a truly amazing army to be raffled off at the event with money given to charity.  And this year, I get to be one of those artist from everywhere.

Super moment of heartfelt emotion:

I’m super proud to be part of this.  Not that it means much in terms of being an awesome painter/artists, becasue it’s really not what it’s about.

It’s about doing something meaningful out of those little toy soldiers, an occasion that comes ever so rarely.  An occasion that should I come across the likes of it again, I will gladly take part in it.

I’m done preaching for 2015, I swear.

You can join the NOCF on facebook by clicking here

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