On the workbench this week!

Painting is back to full beastmode!

I’ll start to include a bunch of WIP posts instead of just finished works now, because I’m tackling a lot of projects at once and don’t want to look like a lazy bum.  Here’s what’s up this week:

Aquire new Warrior of Chaos big slime model and make a Maulerfiend of of it.

Boily: Impressive ammount of Space Wolves.  And can I just mention how well these models are packed and partly assembled to perfection.Boily is one pimp of a custommer to work with.

And here’s a teaser of the Da Boyz project, because even if I don’t post pictures of it anymore, I’m working on these a lot.

A lot of projects are for now on the backburner, because I need to focus what I’m doing prior to Da Boyz as most of my work is for friends who also attend this event.  Also, painting around christmas time is my favorite so I can pack a ton of projects in december and get a lot done. Here’s a couple:

Neferata, Nagash and a Vampire Count for David

Raven Guard Infantry with additional bases and a Baal Predator for Boily

A Vulkan to add to Eric’s collection of primarchs.

Also, my friend Ram and I are starting a 750 points 40K lunch time league of some sort, so I’ll build a 750pts of something ( accepting suggestions and tallying votes as we speak )

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