Paint Models; Get Money – Are you Ready?

If you’ve ever wanted to be a professional miniature painter, now is the time.  8th Edition is the perfect time to paint models for money, because it offers multiple opportunities and projects of various lengths, for existing painters or budding artists!

Paint Models – Get Money: Introduction

Wether you want to start pro painting, or are already painting for money but want to take advantage of increased cashflow and opportunities that are coming your way, step right up.

Editor’s note – This series was written before the release of 8th edition.  While the timing may not be great when you read this, view this as a template for any opportunity.  This series is really about seizing and making the most out of opportunities.

Now is the time to become a pro painter!

Well, June 17th is the time actually.

This post is about getting ready for the launch – or whenever you can get your hands on the new models.

How this series in intended to work?

Throughout the week, posts will usually be split into 2 parts:  The Beginner Part and the Veteran Part.  Don’t worry about this, one is not better than the other.  Veterans have pros and cons, and so do beginners.

But because we are ahead of the curve, we can offset these so-called cons with a carefully laid out plan.

Plan your work; work your plan.

Paint Models- Get Money Step 1: Be Ready

The goal of the getting ready step is to make sure you can take full advantage of the opportunity before you.  Beginners and veteran painters alike face multiple challenges, and this step is about knowing these challenges and adapting for it.  In the immortal words of the G.I.Joes: ” Knowing is half the battle”

This goes out to Veterans and Beginners alike, but how to get to the “ready” step differs.  It is the 1st step because it requires more preparation than the others, so all the extra time you have is a bonus.


Clear your schedule.  Comes New-Hammer, you want to be free like a bird.  Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive, you want clients and contracts, not to get rid of them.

But for now, to make the most of the the new release, you want very specific clients, most of them you probably have on your rolodex anyway.

How to work this plan:  Tally up your current project(s) and figure out exactly how much you can get done before June 17th (henceforth known as crunchtime) even if that means a little extra time to get it done, paid and shipped.

Our next step is freeing up your time if you have a backlog/queue of projects.  This is trickier because nobody likes to get pushed back.  Trickier but manageable.

The best approach is to be upfront about why your are doing this :“Because of the new edition, I am pushing all projects for a month while I work on starter sets”.  Then you can offer them something in return: “Because your project was next in queue, you also get 1st dibs on these items…”

Now one thing you might have is a bunch of projects drop because of the new edition and new models, so managing your schedule should not be so hard.

Recap for vets:

  1. Clear a couple of weeks by pushing projects to after the starter’s release
  2. Go Beast mode on projects to make sure everything that need to be completed is done prior to launch date.



Getting ready when you are beginning is a totally different story.  Instead of clearing up time and space, you want to set yourself up to start taking some.

Obviously, I will recommend you read this e-book, because it’s essentially how to do everything in this step broken down and clarified.  

I’m not saying you must buy it, but if you are outraged and scared at the thought of spending 10$ for the e-book now, the next parts of this series are not really meant for you as they do require you invest money into the business and ultimately, into yourself.

Your getting ready includes:

  • Setting up a page for your business. Either a website ( less than $10 ) or a Facebook business page ( 0$, and no, don’t use your personal page ).  Also get a paypal account, an ebay account and an e-mail account.  These are basic but essential tools that you will need.  Altogether it doesn’t take much more than an hour to get all of these ready.
  • Freeing up your time.  Either you are taking off from work for a week,  or you are making things clear with the GF/Hubby/Drinkin’buddies/House cat that comes June 17th, you are going MIA.  Commiting your time is the most important part.  Yes you will be at home all day, no it’s not to do all the household chores and spring cleaning.
  • Getting a proper setup and supplies.  You don’t need to start from scratch.  However, make sure you have the proper tools and color selection before starting is quite important.  It may sound stupid now, but having to run to the store or wait on amazon delivery during the time you can paint models is a procrastinator’s best friend.

Once again:  Plan your work; work your plan.

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