Paint Models; Get Money – Myth Bustin’

In this 3rd instalment of the series, we debunk some of the BS and myths keeping you away from painting miniatures as a job.  Wether it comes from others or from a little voice inside you,

Step 3: No myth. No BS.  Yes, you can!

These myths, these little voices that say you can’t, that cast doubts and lame excuses; the whatifs, the buts, and every over-rationalisation, are called limiting beliefs. And we need to destroy that.


Limited beliefs, or a limited mindset, is a form of procrastination we are all guilty of.  The bigger the endeavor, the more limited mindset creeps in.  It works by rationalizing only one problem or a very small aspect of something enough to make you want to quit the whole thing.

But you are not scared. You are not quitting.  You made it this far.

Let’s clear this up starting with the most likely thoughts and ideas stopping you.


…I don’t play Warhammer/40K – Myth #1

And that stops you from painting how?  Nothing in this plan requires you to play, nor does it require you to keep anything.  In fact, the goal is selling everything off.

…I don’t want to spend money/ I don’t have enough money – Myth #2

I’ve heard this about a million times regarding miniature painting. This is where most buts are, and it’s pretty much the lamest excuse.

Getting enough money:

Making 160$ in 3 weeks is easy.  You can e-bay stuff, you can trade old models at the game store for a voucher ( stores usually give more for vouchers than in cash ).  Pick up 5 extra hours per week for 3 weeks at minimum wage.Regardless of where you are, you can get this box slightly discounted.  10% is pretty much the standard everywhere and online you can get up to 30% in some cases.

It’s also possible ( but less time efficient) to get this box for free by making trades or trading services ( i.e.  I’ll paint your store’s demo for a box is the easiest example and many stores would be willing to trade it off )

I don’t want to spend money.

You are not spending money, you are investing it.  You are buying this to sell at a profit.
In the worst possible outcome, like you are breaking your painting arm, you can resell this set for the amount you paid for it easily.

…I already have clients – Myth #3

This is the typical pick a small problem or issue and blow it out of proportion to stop you completely.

Yes, you already have clients.  Bully.  Guess what?  You will still have clients once this is over.  Missing out on extra revenue and new paying clients at no cost does not come along every day.

Friday’s strategies for selling off starter sets covers the scenario where you already have clients lined up.

…That’s not how I do things – Myth #4

I love that one.  That’s my favorite excuse of all time.  I’ve never done something like this before, ergo it is bad.

There is method to this plan, and it covers almost every painting style.  You’re approach to painting miniatures cannot possibly be so unique that it is impossible to paint a starter box and sell it for money.


Additional doses of motivation

This covers most situations.  If you do have doubts, or if something doesn’t make any sense, do post in the comments below or reach out on Facebook, I will do my best to destroy any limitation of yours.

Now that you are motivated, primed and ready to run through a brick wall

Show me your war face!

Paint Models; Get Money – About Painting

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