Paint Models; Get Money – About Selling

Here is the final step to our 5 part Painting for money series. And this one is Money!  Pun intended.  This article cover the best selling strategies for your completed sets.

Step 5: Selling.  I.E.: Get Money, Get Paid

Selling is the last step of our plan.

It is also the most important, as it’s the reason behind this whole process, getting the benjamins, making the dough, .making it rain, or whatever expression you want to use.  #CashMoney.

Reading part 4 is mandatory for this step to make any sense, so if you skipped it, go back now.  Commit to a painting strategy before you go any further.  This is important because how we plan to the the selling is based on how we do the painting.

The selling part is broken down as follow:

Part 1- based on the painting level you’ve selected and the options best suited for them.

Part 2- based on your current business (or soone-to-be business)

Regardless of the level and business, whenever you split the content of the box, I strongly advise to sell the extra doodads (dice, quickguide and whatnots) along with the rulebook and get the street value for it.  Doodads have no real value on their own, and people are less likely to buy a book at full price from you than from the store.

Part 1: Quality Assurance

Low Level Painting:

Break apart as little as you can.  You have exactly 2 options:  1- Sell whole starter sets.  2- Sell each faction on it’s own and the rulebook plus doodad.

The quality of your models is the quantity.  Breaking off units or characters is the best way to get stuck with parts you can’t get rid off later.

At this stage, it’s also worth it to go telemarketer and contact local game stores and sell painted sets.  The good part about this is that you can get early access to the boxes if you paint their demo, so it can jumpstart the whole extravaganza, and snowball that money into more sets.

Mid Level Painting:

This is the tricky one, because you have all the options.  Full sets, Factions, Unit-by Unit basis, it’s all there and available.

As best as you can, try to sell whole sets first, because it’s much less risky.

If you can break it down for a larger profit, go for it, it will offset the “getting stuck with X” factor.  Selling the Primaris Marines for $150 is nice and all, but if you can sell the squads of 5 at $60 each, you made $30 more and you can still cash in on the characters later.

Top Tier Level Painting:

At this level, you have to break off the set and sell unit by unit.

You have to really take advantage of the Top-tier factor and cash in on those characters and premium, because getting stuck with high end models is the worst and cuts deep in your profit.

You can probably pay off the box by selling the Heroes and the Bloat Drone alone.  The troops and books will make you some nice profit.

A little research goes a long way here, as figuring out which units are the most prized for will help you set your prizes better.  Research, or lining up clients beforehand.  Having “pre-sold” enough of the models before you start the painting is the best course of action, as it’s limiting a lot of the risk.

Part 2 – Build a Better Business

This part is about adapting those strategies to your business, or building a business around those strategies.

Selling for Existing Business

As suggested in the previous article, by painting to the same quality as you usually do for your service, you can leverage some existing clients.

Offering right now with prices painted starter sets or parts of sets will give you a good idea of how many starters you can get for guaranteed profit.  If you have 3 people ask you for factions, you pretty much have already paid off and profited from buying 3 boxes (or 2, if the factions are different)

One pitfall to avoid is to take altered requests.  One guy wants this at a high level, another one wants those barely tabletop, and this guy wants his Primaris marines painted orange with green stripes.

Nope.  Not worth it.

Yes you can and should take those requests later.  But now is not the time for ultra custom.  In the meantime: positively no requests.  Next thing you know, they’ll ask for Wonderwall.”

Sample sales pitch

The offer can be as simple as this:

If you’d like a set* painted please get in touch! PM or e-mail

*Chaos, Primaris or Complete Set from the Dark Imperium boxed set

Selling for Beginner Business

Because getting clients lined up is not the easiest thing when you are starting out, you have to focus mostly on trade groups and e-bay to sell your models.

Of course, if you already have clients lined up in the getting ready part, Bully!  Focus on those.

Don’t worry if not, as the Starter Set Extravaganza is a good client-building job.

Because you sell the core of armies, you become the go-to guy for people that want to expand their collection, painted by you.  It’s also the great start to a business portfolio, and build yourself a solid business around it.

And thus concludes our Starter Set Extravaganza!  If you are following this tutorial, don’t hesitate to touch base, ask questions and leave feedback of your experience.

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