Paint Models; Get Money – The Plan

Welcome back to the second part of Paint Models; Get Money.   Today we delve into this so called plan that was so important that it required 3 weeks or so to get ready.

Unlike the get ready step, today’s article is not broken down in Veterans and Beginners.  Everybody gather ’round, this plan is for all shapes and sizes.

Paint Models – Get Money: The Plan ™


We take our plan straight out of South Park:

  1. We get Starter Sets
  2.  Profit

Don’t despair just yet; unlike the gnomes, the “…” step will be covered in a lot of details.

Step 2: The Plan 

Our motto is:  Plan your work; work your plan.

Really, this new starter set is just the opportunity that’s offered:  the chance to formulate and execute a plan, instead of just winging it.

I’m a big fan of winging it, but when it involves your job or mine, I’d rather go with a solid plan.


Our plan really is only 3 steps, showcased above.  The second step however will differ greatly from the gnomes’, based on your skills, local opportunity and cashflow.

Step 1: We Get Starter Sets

This step is non-negociable.  You want a starter set (one at the very least, probably more) and you want it ASAP.  Other parts of the plan will detail the various options you have.

I can hear all the doubters, haters and nay-sayers already, and we will address that in part 3.  In the meantime, forget about hating and focus on step 1: Getting Starter Sets.

The Dark Imperium box packs so much value, it’s insane.


$190 (MSRP Canadian Dollars), gets you a full sized hardcover Rulebook, a Plague Marine force ( 30-something models) and a Primaris Marines Force ( 20ish models ), a Death Guard Index, a Primaris Index and a bunch of accessories and doodads.

The rulebook alone is worth 70$, so you can flip it alone with the doodads accessories for that price.

You are left with 2 small index, 2 amazing forces, and $70 in your pockets.

Now, selling either forces unpainted for 60$ is a freakin’ bargain.

If you compare with AOS’ Stormcast Eternals current price, the Primaris marines, once they are released (more on this later) will be around $60 for 5 dudes or $75 for 10 dudes.  You get 15 in the starter set alone.


The other, and most important part that makes this set completely bonkers is this:  Unlike previous starters, where the marines were kinda junk (because everyone has a shoebox filled with marines laying somewhere in the house)  all of these models are premium and unique.

The guy that wants to play Primaris Marines currently only has 1 option:  buy starter sets.  Arguably, same thing applies to the chaos side.  Plague marines, even the FW version, have never looked that good.

What this means is this: if you have a lot of money to throw around, you could buy a couple of sets and sell it for parts and make money.

However, that is not the best course to go, as the profit you make on it is not that great with the trouble of breaking off kits, auctioning/offering and shipping it out.

Instead, in order to make the maximum ammount of money, we want to paint these sets.  Which is step 2.

Step 2: We paint starter sets

Now, this step is a little more complex and offers a lot of options.  They all require painting, however, the methods to paint and later sell them differs.

This is covered in details in part 4, and ties in with the 3rd step of this masterplan…

Step 3: Profit


How to exactly get the KA-CHING part of the plan is detailed in part 5


*N.B. The prices are in CAD, but regardless, Dark Imperium is an amazing product and has tons of premium content for it’s price.

Paint Models; Get Money – Myth Bustin’

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