Paint Models; Get Money – The REMIX

Shadowspear is coming soon, and the release of this box set is the perfect time for commission painters new and old to make extra money.


Now is the perfect time to revisit this series from the launch of Dark Imperium:  Paint Models; Get Money

This time around, our plan is quite simple:  

  1. Re-read the 5-piece series.
  2. Swap every instance of Dark Imperium with Shadowspear.
  3. Go berserk.

Just like Dark Imperium was when it launched, Shadowspear is quite a premium box, because it contains a lot of unique models.  Models that will remain unique to that box for a 2-3 month window.

Which is perfect, as it makes this approach to miniature painting for money practically risk free.

Here is the complete series:

Paint Models; Get Money – Are you Ready?

Paint Models; Get Money – The Plan

Paint Models; Get Money – Myth Bustin’

Paint Models; Get Money – About Painting

Paint Models; Get Money – About Selling

2 Addendums to the OG Series:

1- The store demo part of the original series is harder to come by, as not a lot of stores will want to open this box up and paint it for demo purposes.  Or at least, not while paying a premium to get it painted.

However, if there is such an opportunity for you, definitely go for it.

2- This is the most important part!  Much like Dark Imperium, the goal is to sell complete box sets or complete halves.  Some of the models are duds, some are premium.

Don’t risk getting stuck with all the duds by selling only parts of the boxed set.


The plan is set.  The time is now.  Show me your warface!  

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