Paint Pot Challenge 2023 Winners

One of the most fun painting competition on the internet just concluded. Here are the winners of the Paint Pot Challenge 2023!

The second installment of the Paint Pot Challenge by Morose Miniatures is over, and much like the previous edition, the results are stunning!

The premise of the challenge is quite simple:  build a model where the main character is a paint pot.  There’s a little more to it, but you get the idea.

Let’s dive into the winners

1st Place  @Grimdark_Gravis_Guy

A Jokaero Orange Jokaero!  Building the fur with static grass tufts is such a creative way to bring the model to life.  Making me like a mostly orange model is no small feat.

2nd Place @battle_baron

Pink horror is usually associated with the chaos daemons, but looking at this goblin’s contraption, it’s more than fitting.   I love the little pink footsteps, they really put the goofy character of goblins on this diorama.

3rd Place @drowsycobra

Ask anyone you know that used these vintage GW paint pots, spilling one of these is truly a lost treasure.  Also, the use of gold paint on such a dark themed piece is simply amazing.

Of course the paint pot challenge 2023 was not short of amazing and fun pieces, including this RoboPot from @victor_pesch_painting.

Another great edition of the Paint Pot Challenge in the bag.  Be sure to follow Morose Miniatures if you want to take part in the next, or simply to look at all the pretty entries!

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