Paint Your Army in 30 Days

Painting armies is sort of what this website is all about.  What if you could learn how to do it in 30 days!

By now, you probably know the drill with our selection of Hellfire’s e-books, but in case you don’t:

You get a sweet e-book filled with tips and techniques on a very specific subject, painting armies in this case.  Even better, it’s free if you are on Kindle Unlimited.

Bonus, both of these methods help support this website.

Paint Your Army in 30 Days

From the Amazon description:

“I spend a lot of time painting, but I never have a fully painted army.”

These are words you don’t have to say ever again!

What took me years of trial and error to fine tune and master is now available to you, broken down in easy to follow and well explained steps!

It does not cover feature specific styles of painting, because that’s not what’s holding most painters back. Wether you dry brush everything or carefully blend your colors, the way you approach painting is where you can pick up a lot of speed!

No more half painted armies and excuses, hobby like a champion!

Get the book right now on amazon kindle!

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