Painting Deathwatch Space Marines

If you are in the business of painting kickass Deathwatch Marines, step right up, this video series is a step by step guide to painting the monster hunters.

This was done as a tutorial to paint the force for Astartes Charity 2017.
Following my regular approach to painting, there are 2 main ways that I will show – one with an airbrush and one without.
This means that nobody has to feel like they’re not good enough for this, it’s for a good cause and you will fit right in if you want to be part of it.
The main goal here is to use techniques you feel comfortable using with the colors listed below and shown in the video.  The overall scheme and matching colors far outweighs impressive techniques with mismatching colors.
Below the video playlist (I  don’t have one of those fancy youtube account that can post long videos – yet ) you’ll find the color list for everything you should need.

Some important details:

The entire left arm is silver, including the shoulder pad.  This goes for Dreadnoughts too. 
The right shoulder plate is your chapter’s colors and heraldry.  Feel free to do that one in any way you’d like and include a chapter of your own design.


Simple sand was used on the base.  It doesn’t really matter what kind you use, what matters most is using the right colors.  Also, if you are doing standard space marines, get the new bigger bases, not the 25mm ones.  This is really not a large investment and will really make a huge difference to the end result of the army.
Basecoat with Rhinox Hide
Drybrush with Skraag Brown
Lightly drybrush with screaming skull (bone)
Touch up the edges with rhinos Hide.
We are not using static grass or fancy whatevers; keeping them minimal to make sure that they stay uniform throughout everyone’s contribution.


Abadon Black
Abadon Black + Screaming Skull ( bone color )  about 50/50
Abadon Black + Screaming Skull (bone color) about 30/70 – Very light or edge highlights
Nuln Oil shade


Runefang Steel highlights
Nuln Oil shade
Highlight again with runefang steel

Bolters and guns: 

The casings are painted classic red.
Mephiston Red basecoat
Highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wash with Agrax Earthshade

Eyes and gems –

If you don’t feel like doing 4 steps in tiny eyes, simply make sure they are red.
Mephiston Red, leaving some black towards the back of the head
Evil Sunz Scarlet, towards the front of the model
Dot of white in the part that remained black

Scrolls, Seals and Books

Zandri Dust ( Yellowish Tan color)
Highlight using Screaming Skull

Cables, tubes and armor joints

Overbrush or layer on Dark Reaper, Incubi Darkness or P3 Coal Black

Plasma, Power weapons or OSL

Sotek Green
Sotek Green with some white mixed in it – there’s no science here, the paler you go the shinier it gets
Lightly shade with Guilliman Blue
Some other stuff:
Rhinos, Predators and Razorback should be all black with the top hatch painted silver. 
As tanks and vehicles are not pulled from a specific chapter, they are not likely to have chapter markings anywhere.  However, if you feel like it, paint the flat door ( the side one ) in your chapter’s color.

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  1. Great question, those are on a lot of models indeed!Grenades I would paint silver in the same fashion as the arm and gun.For pouches I would use rhinox hide, highlight with skraag brown and then wash with nuln oil.

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