PaintPotChallenge Winners 2022

The paintpotchallenge gathered over 200 entries.  Out of all the awesome & crazy miniatures out there, which ones took the win?

The paintpotchallenge is an online painting competition, where participants have to build their model around a Citadel paint pot.

The first edition, in 2022, gathered over 200 entries on Instagram.  The unique settings of the competition make it quite challenge to pick winners out of all the amazing entries.

Let’s take a look at the three winning entries.

3rd Place – DrowsyCobra

A zombie clawing its way out of the ground is such a classic piece;  what a great use of  texture paint in DrowsyCobra’s entry!  The entire diorama is built inside the paint pot is a really smart play.

2nd Place – Grimdark_Gravis_Guy

There are so many cool things in GGG’s “Grandfather’s blessing” piece that it’s easy to gloss over the fact that the paint pot is a guardsman, not simply and oozing monstrosity.

The ooze is quite simply amazing, if not slightly disturbing, with the wet look and veiny texture.  This entire diorama showcases really well why there’s ‘grimdark’ in his instagram handle!

1st Place – ShelveyStudio

What a great piece by ShelveyStudio that is both a familiar scene in game and on the hobby desk – a fallen warrior!  Everything about this piece screams  fun & hobby, down to the title: Death at the Desk.

The painting itself is a thing of beauty, with crisp highlights looking like a classic Games Workshop paint job.  And the base, sculpted to look like a cutting mat, complete with paint stains and cuts.

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