[SHOWCASE] Imperial Knights

You Rock ’em; and you Sock’em!  Here’s 5 big robots that do just that!

Your main man from the untamed north is back in the commission painting game. And what better way to make a comeback than painting a 5 fancy Imperial Knights army.

You can understand the struggle it was when James said he didn’t want the bases done.

So I compromised between what my buddy wanted and what my obnoxious wittiness dictated I do.

Mind you, I knew James would like these little jokes, I don’t do stupid stuff in all my painting projects ( only most ).  Anyhoozle, onto the models:

Canis Rex is painted in a typical Canis Rex fashion, with a scheme similar to the box art.  The only minor tweaks are to make sure it fits next to the other robots.  This means roughly that the black frame is painted like the black on the other knights.  The same goes for gold and silver.  This way, the princep doesn’t look too out of place next to the green robots, despite being a totally different scheme.

Every weapon on the army is magnetized, so you get a whole lot of variants with arms and carapace weapons.

You can find more pictures on the Facebook page.

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