[SHOWCASE] Stormcast Eternals Army

Following April’s two armies in a week painting frenzy, here’s another commissionned AOS army.  This time, Stormcast Eternals.

My buddy Guillaume liked the flashy, attention grabbing undeads and loongitz from April, and that’s what he wanted for his stormcasts.  Minimal details, lots of awesome.


Ever since I started working on those bases for the AotM Grey Knight and ended up going another way, I was looking for an excuse to build an army around the lava theme.

Because glowing molten lava bases rhyme with awesome ( Wait, no, what, no they… whatever ) I got to finally do these bases and display board.


And because I knew he would get a kick out of it, I snuck the over-manly pink gryph hound.


It was either only the gryph hound, or all the dracoths in the army, but stuff was going to be pink, even if it meant painting at a discount.

You can find more pictures of the Stormcast army and many more commissioned pieces on the Facebook page.


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