Siege of Vraks Traitor Guard Army

The Siege of Vraks traitor guard army is fully ready for Adepticon!  The Castellan list plays good, and looks even better!

This project is a two-prong approach to long term goals.  Part one is having a good army for Adepticon.  Part two is playing the Siege of Vraks narrative campaign with my buddy Francis eventually.


So me and Francis love to play pointless games, where determining who the winner is is quite trivial.

At some point, because he owns a lot of Grey Knights and Death Korps of Krieg, we decided to build and play the narrative provided in decade plus old Siege of Vraks trilogy.

So I began collecting Renegades, buying them from second hand deals every now and then.

The Siege of Vraks

In case you haven’t figured out by the endless models I paint, I am quite good at acquiring a ludicrous amount of models.  So that’s what happened with Renegades.


At the same time, I wanted to bring a really good army to Adepticon this year.  I am quite fond of playing janky and weird armies, but it’s been a while since I really played an army remotely close to top tier.

When I got into the competitive side of 40K, my tournament tactic was pretty much always the same:  find a good and proven list on the internet, build it as is, and play it for a while.

So, this is some sort of getting back to my roots, taking Tony Kopach’s exact list and pestering him with questions over the course of a month about things I didn’t understand when playing it.


Fun and Balanced Siege of Vraks List

My only goal with this army was to win some games, despite having played very little prior to the event.  If this list has to carry me to victory kicking and screaming, so be it.

I was lucky that my friend Tony, who built this list originally, was available to answer my plethora of questions on how to make it work.


I made an Adepticon cheat sheet, with some sort of codes for my opponents to follow along. This helps, as my Renegades are not all crystal clear on the Catachan spectrum.

I think rule of cool trumps pretty much everything else when it comes to armies like the Siege of Vraks, much like our other armies.


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