Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Tales of victory and achievement from local miniature hero Marc and his 40K Death Guard army.  It’s like Thomas, the Little Engine that Could; but it’s Marc, the painter that did.

I often preach the one hour a day method of painting, the steady but surely approach to painting.

A lot of the time, this gets brushed off as “You do this for a living” / “You don’t have a real job” / “Yeah if I had your [generic excuse #21413] I would too”.

As if consistency was reserved for a select few.

When you think about it, setting aside 30 minutes to an hour each day is a lot easier and a lot more achievable than spending 7 hours on painting in a single day.

Not only easier on the schedule, but also on the motivation front.  Not everyone can sit down and paint for hours on end.

Let alone the dreaded real life kicking in. Having to cancel out your painting sesh is part of everyone’s life.  If that session was your whole day, then in the blink of an eye, you lost your entire week of hobby time.  If you have to cancel for a night or two because of said real life, well, it’s 2 hours out of your 7 gone.

Marc’s 40K League Death Guard

Today I am pleased to present Marc’s Death Guard army!

It embodies what you can achieve with dedication and regular painting.

Marc has a real job, that is not hobby related.  Marc’s not a commission painter in his free time.

He’s a hobby enthusiast with a can do attitude; and now, a pretty sweet fully painted Death guard army.

We ran a league over the past 15 weeks at the store.  Every 2 weeks, you’d get points for painting a new unit in your army.  That’s pretty much how Marc’s Death Guard got to fully painted over the course of the league.

Whether he did an hour or two every other night or or mornings, I don’t know.  But sure enough, every two weeks, Marc would show up with a freshly painted unit for his league army.

What I love even more about Marc’s force his that it perfectly showcases that you don’t need to compromise on quality to paint armies.


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