Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Tales of victory and achievement from local miniature hero Marc.  It’s like Thomas, the Little Engine that Could; but it’s Marc, the painter that did.

I often preach the one hour a day method of painting, the steady but surely approach to painting.

A lot of the time, this gets brushed off as ” You do this for a living” / ” You don’t have a real job ” / ” Yeah if I had your [generic excuse #21413] I would too “.  As if consistency was reserved for a select few.

Today I am pleased to present Marc’s Death Guard, because they perfectly embody what you can achieve with dedication and regular painting.

Marc has a real job, that is not hobby related.  Marc’s not a comission painter in his free time.  He’s a hobby enthusiast with a can do attitude; and now, a pretty sweet fully painted Death guard army.

We ran a league over the past 15 weeks at the store.  Every 2 weeks, you’d get points for painting a new unit in your army.  That’s pretty much how Marc’s Death Guard got from 1-2 unit painted to fully painted over the course of the league.

Wether he did an hour or two every other night, or one full day of going beastmode on models, I don’t know.  But sure enough, every two weeks, Marc would show up with a freshly painted unit for his league army.

From the enthused amateur to the living legend

Funny enough, sometime last week, hobby legend Dave Taylor posted a shirt of his design with the caption ” When people ask how they can complete more of their painting projects, I always say: ”

If, like me, you need this shirt in your life, keep an eye on Dave’s page.  Follow for the shirt, stay for the amazing hobby tips and projects.

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