Slow Week!

Yeah, this will not be the greatest week for this blog, last week was slow on the painting side, so I don’t have shiny stuff to show you.  But this week, I don’t work much hours at the store so I can actually get models done!

Nagash and his friends will get a lot of work, because I’ve had them since forever and holding these badass hostage is not great.  Plus  the Nagash model is insane, I want to paint it so bad.

Bunch of dwarves.   60-some infantry, and touch ups on a unit that was done by another painter while I was too busy to take on comissions.

Also, with my Da Boyz winnngs, I started the works on my ND Open army, that’s on the 1st week of March.  It’s early, but I really want to get it done early so I can work on competition models.   Also, it’s super close to Adepticon this year, so I need to do this one ahead of time because I suspect I’ll have much to do for Adepticon.

Also, I’m painting some Khorne models in spare time, trying new techniques.  I have no real goal wiht this, but I’ll add pictures tomorrow.

Here’s to a week full of coffee and painting!

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