Space Hulk 2 / Battle Report/ Plans

Alright.  So not only is the Space Hulk ready for painting, I got a game in this week !

1- Space Hulk, in all it’s black primer glory. I don’t really care about some color still showing through, this will be taken care of while painting.
2-  Some game! I played my buddy Jack’s Tau army with an army I wanted to build for the ND Open in march ( before adepticon ).  I was left with 5 scouts before I got to play my 3rd turn.   Did not go well at all.
3- Because of getting manhandled so bad, and because I listed all the things I need to do prior to adepticon/ND Open, I will stick with playing my Daemons for a while, as I don’t see how I can fit painting this army in my schedule.

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