This is a small update to the Khorne force I posted last week ( Click here, you lazy bum! ).

These sexy poneys I got in a trade a while back and planned to used them as spawns in Blood Lord James McBadass’ force.  The red on them I did as a test, playing around with colors and trying out stuff I’ve read about online ( not that stuff, you perv ) and thought they looked weird.

Despite the weirdness, I’m not really looking to break some kind of awesome looking record with these models, I just want to painted so I can push them around on the battlefield, so I left the red as is, weird and all.  The weirdness dissapeared once the trims were basecoated ( left ).

There are some mistakes and still a lot more to learn before I master this technique, but yay me, my khorne  ponies don’t suck.

I paint these guys when I’m ealry at the shop, or after my shift if I have to wait for someone/the bus, so no progress planned with the rest of the force, but still, now that I don,t find them weird, motivation to paint them rises!

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