Spider Serum | GSW’s Easy Spider Webs

Looking for a touch more horror in your miniatures?   Spider webs rank pretty high in the ‘nope’ scale and they are really easy to make for your models.


While painting my Nurgle army, I needed to convert myself a Feculent Gnarlmaw.

It was looking alright, but the port-a-potty on the base was making the whole model a tad too comedic and not eerie enough.

And I know what you’re thinking, scarier than port-a-potties?  Well, spider webs are quite high on the creepy scale, and they made the perfect addition to this model.

Green Stuff World Spider Serum

Simply put, you shoot that stuff through your airbrush and wham bam, you have spider webs at the ready.

So I figured, you know, might as well give it a try.

Green Stuff World’s Spider Serum

Let me be very honest, I had zero idea what I was doing.

I bought the spider serum months prior only because one of my friend said it looked nice.  Inflatable neighbour that I am, I also bought it.

But, it is incredibly straightforward to use.

Green Stuff World put out a video on how to use it best – which I skipped through rather quickly.

If you watch the video, they build a big structure around it.  I though the branches of the tree would be enough for what I wanted so I did no bother with this.

If you want to go for a thicker coat of webs look, you really need the extra armature  otherwise, it will sort of gather around a surface, like some unappetizing cotton candy.

Here’s such an example from lack of armature.


If I added a frame between the root and the ground, it would’ve looked much better, as the web would be more upright and not piled up on the ground.  Now, without the frame, it just falls flat on the base.

Tips & Tricks

I’m not the biggest advocate for spray booths with airbrushes.  However, the Spider Serum will quickly leave your room filled with flying fake spider webs overspray.  This take a long time to clean up, and sticks to most things on that room.

Don’t ask how I know that.

If you are to buy the Spider Serum, make sure you buy 2 Cleaner solution for 1 Serum  pot.

You really want to clean your airbrush thoroughly after putting the spider juice in there, so the more the merrier.  You save a lot more money buying a 5 dollar cleaner than buying a new airbrush after each use.

And, while you need a lot of it,  the cleaner is very potent. It melted through the solo cup I used for discarded airbrush paint, so best be careful with this stuff.


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