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With the blog tallying up over 200 posts, it’s quite easy to get lost.  So I’ve complied here some of the best place to start your journey through the awesomeness of the hobby.

As well as the best and most popular articles listed below, I’ve tallied a small FAQ on the why or how behind the blog.

The cream of the crap crop:

Painting with a Purpose – Be a Hobby Champion

The Holy Trifecta of Painting

Pantsers, Plotters, & Painters

The Fastest Way to Paint Ultramarines ( That’s right, I know you love you some smurfs )

Popular series:

Airbrush Reviews – In case you didn’t know I love buying and testing those toys.

Paint for Points series – This series is focussed on painting for tournaments, it was featured on Torrent of Fire

Master your Mancave Series – This series is about making YOUR hobby space perfect for your needs.

Paint Models; Get Money Series – Budding commission painter?  Want a few extra bucks?  ‘Tis the place.



Hey, this post links to something that does not exist/ doesn’t have images.

Over the years the blog has changed quite a lot and some link may now be obsolete.  And there was the great data loss of 2017, where I lost a lot of pictures that were, sadly, only uploaded on here, as far as I know.

If you find a post like this, and you would want working links and/or pictures, use the contact form below and it will jump to the top of my “to-fix list” for old articles.

Some stuff is just outdated or done with technlogy I have since then upgraded.  As such, if I can’t fix it, I will make new one.  With Hookers, and Black Jack.

What’s up with the ” No excuses, hobby like a champion” motto

I hate excuses.  I hate ” Yes, but… ” starting sentences.  There is perhaps nothing I hate more than a can’t do attitude towards anything in life.  Specially something like a hobby


Ads, Affiliates and other Money-related things

Not a question in itself, but a topic that comes around quite often:  Wait, you make money off this?!

Short answer is yes; long answer is it’s not really costing you a dime.

My approach to monetization is quite simple:  if you have to pay for something, you get something.

Dollar E-books are a good example: You pay a dollar; you get an e-book; I get roughly 35 cents.

That’s why there’s no Patreon or “ad-free” version of the site for subs; this content is meant to be available to everyone.

Another way I make money is through amazon affiliate links.  For example, when I review an airbrush, or talk about things to buy, the link takes you to amazon.  If you chose to buy it, I get a couple of dollars, at no additional cost to you.

In terms of integrity, I only ever link to products I have used and like. Everything on this blog is meant to be positive.  If I try something and it’s crap, I won’t even mention it, let alone offer you an opportunity to buy it.