Stormcast Eternals Army

Bringing Sigmar’s fury to the depths of hell has never looked this good!  Check out this Stormcast Eternals army showcase.

Here’s a recently completed commissioned Stormcast Eternals army.

The only instructions on the scheme we were left with were: Minimal details, lots of awesome.


Safe to say, this army hits it out of the park with these criterias.

Truth be told, I was looking for an excuse to build an army around the lava theme, as I am trying various ways to build and paint them.  The Stormcast Eternals were a perfect excuse.


Because glowing molten lava bases rhyme with awesome (Wait, no, what, no they… whatever- Editor) I got to build a simple display board to match.

And because I knew everyone would get a kick out of it, I snuck in the over-manly pink gryph-hound.


It took a lot of restraint to paint the Dracoth in a ‘normal’ color instead of bright pink.  Of course pink would fit the ‘looking bold’ part of the deal, but it was maybe too much.

But I’m glad I did the gryph-hound that way as it became an instant crowd pleaser.  He’s not the sassy nurgling, but he’s up there.


The somber look for the dracoth works really well to tone down to overall brightness of the army.  Afterall, if everything is bright, nothing is really that bright.  And with glowing weapons and glowing bases, there needs to be some drab colors on there.

I would love to do the Stardrake or a Celestant Prime in the scheme eventually.  The prime’s comet trail bursting out of the lava would look great I think.

But that is perhaps for a future commission.

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