Story of my championship

Fresh off my Best General triumph in Quebec, I registered the same army list for the 40K championship ( exact same actually, forgot to change the name of the event on top and it still rocked «  NDOpen » )  I figured that with no Maelstrom practice and no real models to toy around with the unlimited unique detachement comp rule, go with the known army.

Game on versus ( Scott? – I’m super bad with names ) straight from Australia, rocking 5 Battlewagons and Bully Boyz.  The mission was my first taste of Maelstrom, and thank god I was facing a familiar matchup.  Yeah, local player Denis has himself dabbled with the 5 scouting battlewagons.  I picked a bunch of Baleswords as my gifts and rolled Bio on my GUO, because there was no avoiding the Orks.   In the end, the Daemons were mightier than the greenskins and he ended the game with 2 Orks and not many maelstrom points.

Game 2, versus the infamous Brad Chester, of wining adepticon before Nick Nanavati fame, and is AdLance/Necron army in a Kill point game.  It doesn’t get much worse than an horrible matchup in a bad scenario versus a skilled player.  Both of our 1st turns went horribly wrong.  I failed 3 charges and the only charge I made was with the DP that failed his Iron Arm  spell, then Brad rolled no 6 in 6 Stomps and 4 Hits in CC.  Despite the aweful first turn, Brad crushed me 30 to 0, when I failed to cast a spell to salvage some points in the last turn.

Game 3 was versus Matt Schuchman’s Seercouncil in the 2nd Maelstrom mission of the day.   One Balesword DP singlehandedly killed all 3 WraithKnights in Matt’s army, swinging the tide super heavily in my favor and forcing Matt to make desperate plays to get back in the game.  Despite his best efforts, a lucky warpstorm roll obliterated his Invis Farseer and the game was lost for him.  I really hope to replay Matt in a game where the dice are not so badly wrecking his game.

Game 4, last of the day to determine who’s going to Day 2, versus my buddy Ender, playing the FTN Wolfstar.  We’ve both played this matchup countless times – albeit not one vs the other – and the game is somewhat boring as he waits for a good charge and I wait for a countercharge with the fatties.  Ender was not to be fooled,  the game ended 16-14 for me.  Because he’s my buddy and a draw meant neither of us would make day 2, we agreed to roll off for a 30-0 score for the winner.  I lost this crucial dice roll and promptly conceded the game to Ender, who went on for Day 2.

All in all, I’m pretty happy about my showing, it was a nice tournament before I retire the FMC Circus for another army.  I also got Player’s choice for the fatties, which is one of my favorite prize to win.

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