The Annual Christmassacre!

The Christmassacre: get in the spirit of christmas by delivering beatings in the 41st millenium.

As I’ve mentionned elsewhere, when I’m not painting miniature or drinking furiously in foreign lands, I work at a game store.  I usually leave the tournament and event management to my co-workers who are much more involved, but every once in a while, I step in. 

The Christmassacre would be one of those time.
For the past few years, we gather at the game store on December 24th and play Apocalypse from 9 AM to 4PM ish.
Who is we?  Guys their wife want out of the house for various reasons.  Guys back in town for the holiday.  Those that planned ahead and don’t have shoping to do. Denis, who would never miss Apocalypse.
So I share this here, hoping that this year or next year, some other store or club will run it’s own christmassacre.
That’s the Christmassacre.  That and Irish coffee with the staff, because traditions.  Yes, Christmas Irish Coffee is a tradition as old as the Christmassacre.

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