The Army of the Month Project – Introduction

Hate it or love it; they may not all win best painted at local RTTs; one thing is for sure, painted models fight better.  So I paint armies, because lord knows I need all the help I can get to win a game…

One of my goal this year is to finish one army per month.


You see, I’m some sort of degenerate.  I don’t just buy a model because it looks nice:  I buy half an army’s worth of models every time I like a model.  Because you know… I just might play this… or that…

This is in part due to the store, where I come across countless of used models and people’s old collection.  The armies…they come to me.

How I Paint an Army per Month and Avoid Being in an Episode of Hoarder


I didn’t choose the hoarder life; it chose me.

So here I sit, playing barely a game a month; with heaps of half started projects.

Here’s what I currently have.  Note that this is the amount I have January 1st 2019.  There are not 12 armies in there, but knowing myself, I won’t have a hard time “stumbling” on another army.

Plague Drones Army – This is January’s project, because I need it for a tournament.

Blood Raven Army – Most likely February’s project, because it is not a lot of models, and I already have all of them.

The Castellan List / Astra Militarum Renegades – Me and Francis have this long term project to play through the old “Siege of Vraks” campaign.  And the Castellan list looks way too good and fun not to build and play.  This is most likely March’s project, depending on wether or not I decide to audible this army for Adepticon or use the Blood Ravens.

Grey Knights – A list I started because I love the models.  But because they are near unplayable, they stay in a box.

Tyranids – I got carried away with Nick Nanavati’s ‘nids list and bought 75% of the models.  Build exactly 0.

Vogen’s Cityfight Armies, a Narrative thing.  From a 2 decades old White Dwarf.  I really like the narrative play.

Eldars – I started collecting the space elves out of used models lot with no real specific goal in mind.  But I am currently 3-0 with them in the “Casual 1K” format, so I might as well finish the pointy-eared-cheesebags at some point.

Mind you, this is just what I have lying around.  off the top of my head, I know for a fact Austin and Juice will build me an army for ATC 2019, I will probably need something meta for this year’s CHTT tournament, and the Siege of Vraks books require Dark Angels and Alpha Legion in the 1st book.  This is if I don’t get carried away myself on something.

The Plan™️

I’m a big believer with having a plan; so here’s mine for this:

Not every army is “from start to finish”.  A lot of this are started, or I’m just adding models to complete a specific army list.

This is the beauty behind this plan:  I can work around my busy schedule by doing smaller projects when I know I will be pressed for time; and do the bigger projects when work is not so chaotic.

This is true for both project size and quality.  For example, the Grey Knight’s army is much smaller than the Renegades; but I want to paint the grey knights in a high quality; whereas the imperial guard is bulk infantry with high-end tanks.

I also like to keep a lot of projects floating.  The Vogen narrative and the eldars, for example, I don’t have a clue on the exact timeline or even the finished project’s shape. So they stay on the back burner; until I need them or find a list I really fancy.

This will be a blog/vlog type deal, where every month I go through the completed project, and into the upcoming project.

What are your big hobby plans for 2019?

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