The Badger Basic Spray Gun

We are going over the Badger Basic Spray Gun Set, a straightforward, easy to use and cheap alternative to the standard airbrush.

Badger Air-Brush Company Basic Spray Gun Set

How and why I use it:

I bought this little guy last year 3 days before a tournament when I still had a lot of stuff to paint.  The Patriot Xtreme I currently use was in the mail, and I didn’t feel like paying 100$ or more on another one.

So I bought this from a hobby shop for 39$, expecting the worse, but figuring I could throw it out the window when my airbrush would arrive.  Boy was I wrong.

The Spray gun is by no means an airbrush equivalent, but what it does, it does extremely well.

Basecoats and primer are a joke with this, it’s as good as an Army Painter color primer for bulk jobs.  I can see this tool doing terrain pieces and entire boards easily.

– Easy to use: This won’t clog, it’s near unbreakable, there’s no fine needle to bend and curve, once you figure out the mix, spray away.

– SPRAY and pray: How large?  Dun’ matter to this airbrush!  You can lay 4-5 infantry on a stick or a board and speed up your basecoating or priming with an airbrush primer.

– Easy to clean:  Bring it to the kitchen sink, run hot water in the cup and on the airbrush, you are done.  Took 15 seconds.

– All in one:  This part is quite nice, as airbrush material tend to be a lot of trying and fitting, from the compressor to the hose, the hose to the airbrush, this set includes it’s own hose with the most standard size.  This is not really something to look for or pay extra to get, but it’s just a nice feature.

– Limited:  Like that weird kid Kevin that was eating crayons in 3rd Grade, the Spray Gun is somewhat limited in what you can ask of it.  Basecoats and terrain are fine, but getting into even the most basic highlights is pushing it.

– Spray and PRAY: The large area you can cover do take up a lot of paint.  It’s classic with succion feed airbrushes to need more paint, but this one take it to another level.

Badger Air-Brush Company Basic Spray Gun Set

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