The Best Airbrushes for Any Budget

Looking for the best airbrushes money can buy?  Here’s our curated list of five models suitable for any budget.

It’s a common misconception that airbrushes are expensive by default.   Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting on your airbrush journey, there’s an airbrush that suits your budget and needs.

The Best Airbrushes for Any Budget

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore five different airbrush models, each catering to a different budget range, and explain why they stand out as excellent options.

Badger Patriot 105 (Budget-Friendly Option)

Starting with a cost-effective choice, the Badger Patriot 105 is a fantastic entry-level airbrush that doesn’t compromise on quality. Despite its affordable price, this dual-action, gravity-fed airbrush boasts impressive build quality and durability.

It also comes with a warranty, making it ideal for beginners who may still be learning the ins and outs of airbrush maintenance. It’s an excellent tool to begin your airbrushing journey without breaking the bank.

Iwata Eclipse HP-CS (Mid-Range)

For those looking to invest a bit more for superior performance, the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS is a remarkable mid-range airbrush.

Known for its exceptional build and versatility, this gravity-fed, dual-action airbrush can handle a wide range of applications, from fine detail work to broader coverage.

The high-quality materials guarantee durability for years of use, even if it’s your first airbrush. For hobbyists and professionals seeking to level up their airbrushing game without breaking the bank, the Eclipse HP-CS is a top-notch choice.

Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline (High End)

If you’re ready to make a substantial investment in an airbrush that delivers unparalleled performance, then the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline is the way to go.

Precision engineering, German craftsmanship, and an incredibly smooth double-action trigger make this airbrush a joy to work with.  This airbrush also comes with Angel Giraldez’s seal of approval.  He’s not only my favorite miniature painter, he’s arguably the best in the world.

When top-tier quality is a non-negotiable factor, this premium airbrush exceeds expectations.

Paasche Talon TG (Premium Option)

If money ain’t no thing, the Paasche Talon TG-3F is for you.  For a workhorse airbrush, this is as high quality as you can get.

It comes with three different nozzle sizes (0.25mm, 0.38mm, and 0.66mm), giving you the flexibility to switch between fine lines and broader coverage without the need for multiple airbrushes.

It is an excellent long-term investment for artists who are serious about airbrushing, and prefer quality over quantity.

Grex Tritium.TG3 (Beginner High End)

If you are starting to airbrush, the Grex Tritium.TG3 is a standout option.

Grex is known for producing high-quality airbrushes, and the Tritium.TG3 is no exception. This gravity-fed, dual-action airbrush offers exceptional control and precision with it’s pistol grip trigger.

Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, and a smoother learning curve.  They also come with patented quick-fit needle caps, making cleaning much easier.

Of course, what makes a good airbrush all depends on your specific needs.

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