Start Airbrushing Today!

One-Click complete airbrush and compressor setup?  Yes please!  This is the ultimate kit to get started with airbrushing.

One of the popular startup point for airbrushing I’ve recommended was getting a basic compressor and a Patriot 105.

This set comes to roughly half the price, and offers a simple one-click solution to get you started right away without having to mix and match with fittings.

What the set gives you:

This is your standard compressor, it’s high performance, resilient and it’s the same or similar to the recommended starting compressor everywhere.

Moisture Trap & Pressure Regulator
This is the glass cup-shaped item on the right of the compressor.  It’s nice to get, as you can make the most out of your compressor by controlling the pressure, and use it longer because of the moisture trap.

Braided Hose
Another cool feature is the quality hose.  Most cheap or intro setup come with a cheap plastic-like hose.  I am here to tell you that they are the devil.   Regardless of your initial setup, you want a quality hose, because stuff exploding when you use it is a no-no.

3 Airbrushes*

2 Gravity Feed, Dual Action Airbrush
Why do I need 3 airbrushes?  Different airbrushes get different results.  Contrary to brush painting, your airbrush skills will be capped by your material, i.e. your airbrushes, not only by your actual skills.  For example, no matter how Next Level boss you are at an airbrush, there’s only so much you can do with a spray gun.  So having different things for you to try is nice before you drop some more money for a real high quality airbrush when you chose to step your game up.

1 Suction Feed Airbrush
Much like the Badger Spray Gun at first glance, this badboy takes care of your base coats and primer needs.  It’s also the easiest of the 3 to learn with if you’ve never touched an airbrush before.

Cleaning brushes
Most of the top tier artist recommend NOT using these, including the maker of Badger Airbrushes, so I tend to believe them.  However, if you really want to use them, the general guideline is: if you have to force it, you’re doing it wrong, and you will most likely break something.  This is the only time ever I will advise against “Might makes Right, and if it’s not working, you’re not using enough might.”

This is more in the range of:  Oh cool there’s this thing in!  You need somewhere to put your airbrushes without stepping on them or taking out of the box everytime, you get this in the box.  I wouldn’t pay for it, but it’s free!

* Depending on which region of the world you are, the “affordable” set also often comes with only 1 airbrush instead of 3.  Amazon sometimes works in mysterious ways.

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