The Best Online Ressources for 40K Maniacs

Returning 40K veterans are swarming with the 8th edition.  And in the far future of the 41st millenium, they all seem completely clueless.  Rather than let you wander like a lost child in the woods, I’m here to help you get a grip on this Newhammer with my favorite hobby ressources.

The Online Guide of Newhammer Gitgud-ing

8th edition 40K seems to have brought back a lot of veteran players from the 5th edition era.  This is awesome news for the game, and for anyone with a limited player base that has to otherwise play Kevin on the regular.  Over the last month, I’ve been bombarded with questions on where to look for rules, armies and a bunch of whatnots.

So I am writing this as somewhere I can point people to.

Here it is: my guide to where to find quality 40K stuff.

Small disclaimer, I am not a

  • Keyboard Warrior
  • Mall Ninja
  • Frequent Poster
  • Forum Troll

of anything/anywhere. If anything, my internet presence is best defined as an occasional lurker.

I might be missing some great places.  If so, hit me up and after checking it out, I’ll add it to the list if it upholds the Hellfire Painting standard of not sucking ass. That standard is measured on a scale of 5 brown stars if you must know.

I look for 3 things in whatever ressources I consult:

– Accurate information

Groups and people who blatantly give out wrong information turn me off faster than a grandma in a bikini.

– Positivity

I like people who enjoy things.  This whole blog is based on positive information ( things that work or things I like ) and I hold others to the same positive attitude towards the hobby.  If all you have to offer is complaints and whine, we can’t be bros.

– Consistency

You have to uphold the 2 criteria above all the time.  The ressources I tune into always are accurate and positive.  It’s not a needle of quality  in a haystack of shitposts that I’m after.  I might miss an occasional bomb article once in a while, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for not having to browse through 14 baddies to find a decent bathroom read.

Anything not in these fields I will ignore and unfollow faster than girls and cups.

Painting Ressources


Painting and hobby in general, I like a wide variety of things and techniques.  Some you keep, some you discard, but I do follow a lot of channels and painters.  Here are my favorites at the moment.

Hellfire Painting

Like.  Bruuuh. Obviously.

Hobby with the Cat Daddy

Not the actual name, sadly, but the Spikey Bits hobby twitch channel I find quite interesting.  The whole Long War Network has some pretty cool stuff, but I find Rob is the most entertaining of the group.

Our lord and savior Duncan

GW’s youtube channel is blooming, and Duncan’s painting videos are awesome and a must watch.

Honorable mentions

There’s a couple of artists I’ve enjoyed lately on instagram which is a great app for number two’s:  sensei.swag, jura_aka_gruumsh and james_mchugh80

List Building Ressources

I never discuss lists on the internet, except with friends, because it’s infuriating otherwise.
Also, I don’t enjoy list building, and I usually take lists straight from somewhere/someone and don’t give it much more thoughts.
I hate every single forum, message board and facebook group with people discussing lists. #sorrynotsorry


Tournament Recaps

Not a ressource in itself, you have to investigate a little for the top X lists from major events.  These lists are my go-to.
This one you have to be careful, as FLG has lots of contributors, so you have to check who’s the author before blindly taking a list there.  My Nova Invitational list and my upcoming Daemons’ list come from articles found on FLG
This one goes against my consistency rules a little, as I only watch the battle reports on the channel.

I like the lists on there a lot.  They are usually off-meta a little bit and use janky and/or clunky combos that are awesome to play with and against, while maintaining some competitive edge to them.  Also, Juice, the host of the battle reports, does dirty stuff for food stamps.

Tournament Ressources


Again, not a ressource in itself, but the best tactic IMO for tournaments you know about and would like to attend.  Subscribe to their feed, mailing lists, Twitter or Facebook.  Or all the above.  This way, you stay alerted of clutch information like next years dates, player pack readiness, hotel rez deals and the likes.

My current rotation is:  ATC, NOVA, QCO, Adepticon, CHTT, CCBB, and Chaos Ludik.  Ideally, I’d like to add 4 to the list and go to a big event each month.  Realistically, I’ll probably do 2-3 this year.  That’s a whole other bag.

Now obviously this ressource is tailored to my geographical need, but I’m pretty sure you can find a similar ressource wherever you’re from.  These groups are great to learn of cool event hapenning near you that are easier to attend than big GTs
Find a group aligned with your interests too.  If you do not care about ITC or tournaments, such group is pointless.  Find local casual gamers near you, they exist, unlike other popups in the same genre.

Once again, I might miss out on some, if your favorite place isn’t on here, comment below!  Never one to skip on tasty infos, I will browse through it and add it to my list of awesome.

Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!


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