The FTGT Hobby Challgenge Update

If you have no clue what this is, please click here and read the introduction post.

For the rest of you ( all two of you ) hit the jump to get your first glimpse of what I’m actually doing with this project.
Here’s what I’m starting this project with, in all it’s primered glory:
The Dark vengeance. Half of it anyway.
And an additionnal chosen, built from 2 other chosen I traded for bitz.  A local hardass player told me this weapon setup is nice.
Since it’s pretty much all at the same stage, I’m still tempted to paint the Dark Angels. At some point, I’ll be sitting on the toilet and will figure out what I want to do next month(s) with this project, and this will probably help my decision.
The 20 cultists I absolutly don’t feel like painting  ( because there’s 20 in my Khorne side project as well )

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