[SHOWCASE] Forge World Warlord Titan

This painting showcase is larger than life!  Call it compensating for other issues; call it overpriced apocalypse toy; I call it man-sized awesomeness with bigass guns.The Largest of Titans:  Warlord

So, truth be told regarding that tittle, I’ve never seen the Tau super-pita tank, so I’m not actually sure the Warlord is the largest.  But with that price tag, and with the Imperium’s tendency to overcompensate on size, I assumed it is.

It’s really hard to get a good grasp of the size from the pictures, so I tried to include Gary the Guard or Mark the Marine in pictures to get a better feel.


Here’s a breakdown of why everything is a certain way, because a lot more thoughts and reasoning went into painting this beast than just laying colors on there and hoping for the best.

The biggest challenge when it comes to a model this size is to not go overboard with the highlights.  Because it’s much large, it catches a lot more real light than a 28mm infantry.

This means that highlighting from black to almost white or super pale makes the model look just plain wrong.


To mitigate the large, otherwise flat panels, I decided to add a light amount of rust and oil streaks.  Again, because of it’s sheer size, less is more in regards to details and battle damage.

And lastly, to break off the all too neutral look, some bright green lights were in order.  This also helps set the focus point around the head.


The inside of the head is done in a similar fashion, because of how deep it is in the model, even when you remove the top, it’s incredibly dark, so a light color was in order to show any of the details.

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