The mandatory 2016 review

My 2016 review strategy was this : Scroll through the blog from my 2015 review and note things I’m proud of and things that I failed – so I can try again.

So here we go, starting with my 2015 plans heading in 2016 :
– More videos. I’ve stepped up my video game, both in quality content and overall video making, so I plan on getting more done on the tubes.
This one I did, my channel got some more quality content. And because of other projects, I now have some more cool toys to film and edit videos with, so I expect to be back on track with this soon enough.
– More books. I have put in a lot of work in other books and have a lot underway. And because I’m not writing in as many blogs, this is where the content will go – most likely.
I did put out one book, one of my best selling one too, but I consider this as not enough. I have at least 4 new ones started, so no excuses for 2017.
– Podcast. With my english being a lot better than in the previous years ( I still sound like a frenchie, don’t worry ) I want to give a go at podcasting, as I have yet to find a podcast that I truly enjoy, might as well make my own.
Nope. Nopedy-nope-nope.
– Quebec Open or whatever. I want to start running tournaments, locally and possibly everywhere else later on. It’s been too long since I ran a large scale event, so I want to get back on this.
Hellz yeah. Quebec City Open – Edition 1 was a hit, planning for 2017 has begun.
The army of the month project. It was not part of my resolutions or pledges or whatever, but I did manage to keep it on for 5 months, after which I ran out of armies to paint at home. I might try something similar in 2017, as I have a whole lot of projects.
Besides this awesome montage here are some highlights :
1- My own game store. Yeah that’s the big one ( rivaled by the Quebec City Open ) but if you ever stroll through Quebec City, come and drop by for a game or a chat.
2- Team Wobbly Modelers : Austin, Kelsey and Kinder who’ve dragged me along kicking and screaming ( and, let’s be honest, drinking ) through Adepticon and ATC. Spoiler alert, both of these events I have locked down for 2017.
3- Tournament wise, it’s been a pretty nice year : Best Sportsman at Adepticon, Best Painted and Player’s choice at ND Open and Best General at CCBB.
4- Wrote some great articles on Spikey Bitz. My favorite is this one. I can see this coming back as I paint a lot more.
Now dwelling on the past can only do so much, what’s up with this blog for 2017 :
1- Mo’ armies. I have 2 armies I am working on right now, as well as 4000 points of Adepticon team goodness coming in from Troy to paint. Ain’t no store stopping this madman.
2- Best Painted at Adepticon. This is quite an ambitious one, but within the past 2-3 years, I’ve won pretty much every kind of trophy from Adepticon – 2015 Player’s Choice, Team Best Gen/Overall, Best Sportsman last year. The only one missing is Best Painted. So that’s my only goal this year. Paint a sick army and display board, win, never attend again. Or something like that.
3- Books. I will be aiming at 1 per Month in 2017. Or 1 every 2 month, with 1 or 2 being premium quality books ( one of which already in the work )
4- Drink mo’ Beer, Push mo’ toysoldiers, Make mo’ Friends.
And on that note, because I can’t name you all ( I tried looking through facebook for adds but there was 250 new 2016 friends so yeah…) please know that you made this year awesome of playing with toy soldier and drinking cheap beer. I truly hope we can drink more cheap beers and push more toy soldiers in 2017!

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