The ND Open 2015, Part 2

Armed my the trusty Daemons, I was ready to take on the tournament, despite strict beverages rules preventing me from enjoying my classic cranberry sportsmanship drink.  Good thing I had knocked back 2-3 cups before they announced the rule.

Game one was my challenge game, versus Remi and his insanely well painted and extensively converted Nurgle army.  He will have 4000 points of them for the Adepticon team Tournament, be sure to check them out.   His list was something like:  Chaos lord on bike and Spawns, 2 rhino/plague marines, 2 units of oblits, 1 unit of DSTerminators with an allied Daemon Prince and Soul Grinder.  The scenario was 5 objectives on the map each worth 5 points, and the 3 standard secondary.  Remi did a great job keeping his army safe from my daemon princes and getting one of my Obj Sec unit away from an objective. The game ended with me scoring 18 points to his 12.  Damned 4th HP on a soul grinder!
Game 2 was versus Gael who played a Necrons army with roughly:  3 AnnBarges, 3 Night Scythes and 2 Dreadnought things.  The scenario was really brutal: KPs with units played multiple times  worth more KPs, so my Princes were worth 3 KPs each and the Horrors 2 each, and that would scale up should I summon more.  The other part of the mission was Relic.  Luckily, Necrons are a great matchup for daemons, and as such, everything went my way this game. I stole the initiative and spawned a unit of Drones on the Relic and cast Invis on them.  From that point on, I just waited for his planes to come in with my princes to pewpew and vector strike them to oblivion for 3KP a piece.  I scored 28/29, as noone was able to kill the opposing warlord.
Game 3 was versus local player Steve, who was rocking the Tau.  His army was a pretty classic take all comers gunline, 2 units of Broadsides, 2 Riptides and a ton of crisis suits.  Tau are usually a good match for daemons, even with ignore cover on most of their stuff.  I don’t quite recall the scenario, it was something primary and table quarters second.  Table Quarters was pretty brutal to score, so I focussed on killing all the models while laughing hysterically.  Solid plan.  At the end of the game, there was a fleeing 1W Farsight on the Tau side. 30 points for me.

Game 4 and last of the Saturday was against Eric who played the necrons with a nice deathstar.  Orikan ( the guy that turns into a CTan), Vargard Obyron and a DestroLord in a unit of Stromshield guys ( Praetors? ).  This makes for a quite deadly unit.  The rest of the army was the Destroyer Formation and 2 units of immortals on foot.  The scenario was 5 objectives that scattered before the game and secondary was destroying the costliest unit.  Mine was a Daemon prince, his was the star.  3 Objectives were clumped together near the middle of the board, so I set Fatey, my 2 DPs ( the one worth points was left out ) and GUO on the line, expecting Obyron to Veil of Darkness close to the middle, and get a good brawl going.  Exactly what happened, and on my turn 1, I got all 4 beaters to charge the Deathstar.  The GUO with balesword and Warpspeed got into a challenge with the Lord, while the other monsters had a mix of Grimoire, Endurance and Iron Arm on them.  I figured I would get the upperhand of the brawl, specially with the other prince with life leach lurking around the unit giving Hps back to the big guys.  Turns out I didn’t need to, as on his turn 2, Eric lost combat by 2, failed a leadership check and got wiped.  He looks up from the terrible rolls, cringes and says:” Oh, this is all in my own turn ? “  My turn two, I charge the 2 troops and 2 destroyer units, kill most of them and Eric yields, because it’s 7pm, we’re both tired and clearly the rest of the game will be picking up necrons from the table.
End of the day, some guys want to get burgers and beer, so I hang around the tournament drinking and making a few friends.

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