This week’s to do list

It’s december, snowing outside, I can feel the beastmode creeping back on me.  Also, I just set up my christmas tree and setup a christmas movie advent.  Also, growing up is overrated.  Staying on subject too.  Haterz.

The FTGT Budget Hobby Challenge is starting and so are the FTGT Hobby Tuesday, where I hopefully have some progress every week on my challenge.

David’s undead pimps are taking shape, I should have a WiP up on wednesday, and will propably finish them by the end of the week.  Or only have a few touch ups to do.

I have laid basecoat to Boily’s Ravenguard jump infantry.  No plan to blitz them yet, I do them between projects, or if it’s too early to airbrush and I want to paint.

Eric’s Vulkan is assembled.  That model is a pimp, I can’t wait to start it.  If I succeed my Ld check, it will be next week once the Undead are done, but who knows.

On another note, I found/bought/traded/received all but 2 models for my ND Open army.  Although small, it is mighty.  And if not mighty, it will be pretty.  If not pretty, I have failed you all.

Until next time, keep painting!

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