To Do List and other whatnots

I’ve been slacking and I must apologize.  Real life has taken over my hobby time extravaganza, what a shame.  So, full disclosure aside, here’s the stuff I need to work on this week, for accountability’s sake.

Matt S. – The Ad. Lance.   Primered and partly assembled, I should get them finished by the end of the week or early next week.

Eric – Konrad Kurze, pimp of the Nightlords.  Most of the model is basecoated, but much work is needed to get to 30K badassery status.

Yours truly – I need to step up my own army if I want to make it to a few tournaments in the near future.  Never fear, clients come first and sleeping is overrated.

Johnny Canhuck, Monstered up and back on the hobby track.

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