Ultramarine Disco Rockets – Army Spotlight

I’ve had to build and assemble this army partly in secret, because we didn’t want our ATC lists known in advance.  But now, here they are my devastating Ultramarine army!

The ATC had a proxy and unpainted friendly policy this year due to the short delay of 8th edition, but that’s not something for me.
We don’t deal in proxies here, we deal in results!
Because of the quick deadline, the painting process for the whole army was quite straightforward. It can be broken down into this:
  1. Spray the models blue ( I used Army Painter Ultramarine primer )
  2. 1 color on everything: Gold trims and chest plate, Guns all silver, pouches brown, seal tan and red ( same red for cloaks and crests ) and Ulthuan Grey for ultramarine symbols and white.
  3. Quickshade
  4. Paint bases
  5. Varnish
  6. Paint eyes and lenses
  7. Voilà!
You can see here the 3 stages from left to right: Barely quickshaded, on a base, and finally varnished with lenses painted.

The Ultramarine Disco Rockets

The ATC list itself is this:

Robert G. Primarch

Two of these Spearhead Detachment:

  • Captain
  • 4x  5 Devastators, 4 Missile Launchers, Armorium Cherub

And a unit of 10 scouts with 5 sniper riffles ( in either the detachment)

I have since upgraded the army a little bit over the last months, to take part in both the CCBB and NOVA Open.  The list now is more a blend of missiles and Astra Militarum units. And a company ancient, because that banner is OP.

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