Easy Upgrade to your Model Photography

Model photography is not something I really enjoy, but I’ve found ways to make it much easier.  And getting better results makes the process more enjoyable.

Over the years, I’ve found that photography was not the part of the hobby I enjoyed, nor one I was good at.  However, taking decent pictures of your models is a pretty important part of being a commission painter.

As such, I am always looking for easy ways to improve.  And it doesn’t come easier than using portable photo booths.

I own a rather large one since forever.  While I love it for army shots, it is not the most practical all around.  As such, I’ve bought a second one, much smaller, that has yielded great results so far.

Portable Studio Lightbox

Why this one over the large one?

Well, the main reasons are mostly practical.  The quality is very similar for both studios.

However, being less than half the size, this one is much handier on the day to day.  I can leave it build all the time instead of setting it up and folding it down after every use.

It’s also convenient to setup on a desk, as the LED switch plugs right in my computer.  This removes the need for an outlet and extra space on the sides for lights.

When it comes to laziness and little hacks, you can’t stress out removing all the extra steps.

In my case, this is the assembling and disassembling.   Even something this simple is enough to make me procrastinate, or worse, just take a picture that looks meh at best and roll with it.

I’ve originally bought it to take better pictures of some of the items at the store.  But I’ve since used this studio photo booth for all the e-bay miniatures and most of the how to completed models.

Portable Studio Lightbox


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