Hellfire’s Secondhand Shop

The girlfriend says you have too many models lying around?

That new edition isn’t kind to your 6 Assault Canon Razorbacks?

Lost to Kevin and need a fresh start?

Basically, it’s time your models-b-gone? 

Say no more, we got you fam.


Wether you want cash or store credit, we will take back all of your used models, regardless of the shape they’re in.

Our second hand shop cycles through a lot of models, so it’s worth checking out every so often.  Every second hand deal we buy goes over on Patreon first.

Used Models  FAQ

How does it work when I want to sell you my stuff?

Either show up in store with your models, and we will make an offer on the spot, you leave with your wad of cash and/or shiny new models.

You can also send an e-mail or a facebook message and work out a deal before showing up.  You can read this PDF guide on the best way to proceed.

Can I take only XYZ models in this bundle

No.  Usually, our bundles are made with the game in mind, so you get playable units per bundle.  We can’t remove some of them.

The larger bundles and army deals are almost always at a huge discount compared to everything sold piece by piece.

Can you tell me when you get XYZ?

No.  Because of the eratic nature of buying and selling secondhand models, including the shape they come in, we don’t hold “wishlist”.

However, as stated previously. we post everything that comes in on Patreon, and it usually goes on the store a week later ( usually at some point on Tuesdays )

You don’t offer a lot / I can get a much better price on e-bay


That being said

  • We buy everything.
  • You don’t have to deal with 6 different shipping, splitting your lot in 4 and deal with reserved 3 units, a backlog potential buyers, and you don’t get an angry message from some random dude on the internet because you are missing 3 bases.
  • You bring it or ship it, we give you store credit, a fat stack of cash or send money over paypal.  Straightforward.  Simple.
  • You can even order what you want with your credit, then bring everything in once your order shows up.  RE: Straightforward.  Simple.

Something that’s not covered in the FAQ?