War and Death in the Age of Sigmar

Last weekend I had my first taste of Age of Sigmar.  I brought to the battlefield my freshly assembled Stormcast Eternal, in all their plastic-color glory.  Things got real fast!

My day went quite smoothly actually, I understood most the game after the 2nd turn.  I did my homework beforehand though, learning my models abilities and reading the controversial 4 page rulebook as bathroom reading for the past week.  The army I put together was based of the models available in the starter set, which I have in multiple copies, as mentionned previously.  I play the Thunder Brotherhood formation thing – because I think its a good tactical edge and because Deepstriking was a mechanic I was familiar with 40K.

My 1st round was vs Michael and his Lizards.  I don’t think he had much more practice than me, but I had a secret plan:  TO Joce ( my second favorite douchebag in the world ) agreed to be my coach and walk me through the motions.

Through all the learning and the bloodshed, I lost track of the scenario and the game ended 10.5 for Mike to my 9.5.  Some sort of draw to start the day.  Not so bad.

Game 2 was versus a good friend of mine, Guillaume and his Khorne Daemons.  My “Descent of Angels ” type of army was really great in the scenario, where there was a large kill box in the middle of the board where you don’t want to be.

Because of the Daemon’s deployment, I was able to drop all to one side and only face half the army.  Having my whole army to destroy half of Guillaume cause minimal damage, and by the time his other half came into combat range, my army was mostly intact. To add insult to injury, Guillaume rolled horrible throughout the game, causig an impressive 0 wounds with his 2 canons shooting the whole game.

20-0 for yours truly, placing me 1 point behind first place.

Game 3, versus Gab, a truly fearsome opponent.  Gab played a lot of Fantasy, and clearly put a lot more thoughts into his army list than I did.  gab had a nice Tomb King army, with 2 Sphinx, a bunch of snake riders and  Setra the sad mummy and a bunch of other stuff.  The scenario favored his build a lot, as the goal was to have more wounds around objectives, and Gab’s list was a lot of Multi-wound monster-units.  Better player with a better army.  Despite rolling horribly on his spells, I don’t think I destroyed a single of Gabs units before getting butchered all over.

I did make a couple of misplays in the game, mostly picking the wrong combat on various occasions, and not sending the Retributors on the right targets.

All in all, I am quite pleased with Age of Sigmar.  I had a blast in every game.  Everything is super dynamic and gos smoothly.  The game reminds me a lot of Warmachine, with models I enjoy a lot more.  I will definitly play in the october events at the store!

Now if I build this Khorne stuff from the boxes…

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