Warhammer Black Templars Symblol Freehand

Learn how to freehand paint the chapter symbol for one of the most iconic chapter in Warhammer: Black Templars!

Like everything freehand, there are two very crucial keys to success.  First, find a reference of what you’re doing.  Second, break down your design in simple micro steps.

Here are those steps.

Warhammer Black Templars Symblol Freehand

Much like the Ultramarines chapter symbol, the hardest part of this freehand is to paint it on the curved surface of a shoulder plate.   Practice it once on a flat surface for better results.

Step 1:  Plus Sign

Start with drawing a plus sign in the center of your design.

Make this small rather than larger, as the other steps add to the size of the overall design.

Step 2:  Vs

At the end of each line on your plus sign, draw a little V shape.  The wider this V is, the larger or thicker your Black Templars cross will end up being.

Try to make these as identical to one another as possible.

Step 3: Triangles

Draw a line from the tip of each V towards the center of the cross.  Repeat this seven other times, each time trying to match the V next to it.

Focus on the outside of this line rather than the inside, as the inner part of this triangle will be filled up anyway.

Step 4: Fill the Blanks

Fill in your triangles with black.  I also use this step to fine tune the borders of the design and make then as even as possible.

Slightly too big is better than too thin here, as you will be able to trim down the design when touching up the outside.

Don’t worry about making your cross perfect the first time around, it’s nearly impossible.

Focus on getting the shape right, then refine the edges and touch up with white.  It’s a lot easier to get the shape perfectly in the touch up step, for some reason.

That’s arguably the hardest part of painting a Black Templar, and once broken down you can see there’s nothing too hard about it.

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