Warhammer Sisters of Battle: The Sacred Rose

Warhammer sisters of battle have many eye-catching schemes.  None more than the Sacred Rose order in their white armor.

The Sacred Rose flips the script on the classic Warhammer sisters of battle look.  While the staple colors of black, red and white are all there, it’s the white armor that makes the army stand out.

Warhammer Sisters of Battle: The Sacred Rose

It’s worth noting that our video test model was left with a little too much grey showing through.  We’ve adjusted for that mistake in this written tutorial to make sure your white army does not look grey.


We could opt for the contrast method to paint white, specially if you are looking for a quicker paint job.  We went a different route for our model, and in the end, it could’ve used a lot more white.

Our model was painted from a Mechanicus Standard Grey base coat.  For a full army, using a Uniform Grey shaker can is probably a smarter play, as it will go much faster.

Next, we highlighted with Ulthuan Grey, leaving the darker grey in the deepest recesses of the model.

Our last highlight is with Matt White, and where the model would’ve benefited from much more highlights to take a lot of the grey out.  Now you know.

Lastly, we added edge highlights with more white.  If the previous step was done correctly, this is probably optional.


The cloaks and much of the details are black for the sacred rose scheme, and by using a blue-ish tone of grey, we can produce a very cohesive force.  The blue tone in the sisters of battle’s white armor ties in really well here.

Our black is very similar to the Our Martyred Lady’s version.

Black, shaded with Stegadon Scale Green, then washed with Nuln Oil.  If you like even more blue tone, you can add an Ahriman blue highlight before the shade.

Of course, black cloaks is to stay true to the Sacred Rose scheme.  Red, Purple or dark Green would all look amazing for cloaks and would make your warhammer sisters of battle army stand out!


Much like our other adepta sororitas paint schemes, the silver is kept very simple and straightforward.

Again, we stayed true to the official scheme, but gold and white look amazing when paired together, so feel free to add some to yours.


Because we want the white of the armor to stand out, keeping the base away from grey of white tones will produce better results.  Here we went for a classic brown one, with bright green tufts to accent it.

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