What is the Paint Pot Challenge?

If you’re part of any miniature painting online communities, you’ve no doubt seen the #paintpotchallenge.  But was is the Paint Pot Challenge?

What is the Paint Pot Challenge?

The Paint Pot Challenge is an online painting competition started by Morose Miniatures in 2022.

The competition started after Sébastien’s miniature “The Nuln Knight” went viral and inspired other hobbyists to create their own miniatures around paint pots.

The Nuln Knight was an entry in another painting competition, the Smash Bash, but quickly became the inspiration for it’s own painting competition:  #paintpotchallenge

The rules are quite simple:

  • Build a model with a Citadel paint pot only as the torso/head of the miniature.
  • The main focus must be the Citadel paint pot, or pots.
  • The pots themselves cannot be fully painted over, but they can be weathered, as long as you can fully recognise the original label.

It even came with a paint pot trophy for the winner!

The first edition of the competition gathered over 200 entries, quite a success!

It’s easy to understand why.  It’s open to everyone and free (well, you need to sacrifice a paint pot to the cause, but still).

The uniqueness of the competition is also what makes it so interesting.  It’s a mix of converting and painting, and offers a unique media to do it.  How often are you going to build miniatures out of old paint pots?

The competition is returning for it’s second year, the paintpotchallenge2023 and is already bigger than the first edition. It now has it’s own trophy sculpted by Scibor, and is, you guessed it, a paint pot.

The 2023 challenge concludes on May 31st, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out on the winners.

In the meantime, you can check out the winners of the first edition of the Paint Pot Challenge here.

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